Antik Postludiet:
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Antik Postludiet: Payment, postage and packaging

Antik Postludiet

Ole Lauritzen tlf: 30510822
Assensvej 220 5642 Millinge

Licence to trade/ Customs and excise:

I have a licence to trade in used artefacts,
issued by the Police Station in Assens
and dated 16th September 2004.
My CVR and SE numbers are: 44160528


Nordea Lagonis Minde 9 DK5600 Faaborg
Regnr. 2021 kontonr. 4396 868 364

IBAN DK2820004396868364

My prices include VAT – the so-called used goods VAT.
VAT is deducted from the price when the goods are sent to countries outside the EU!!
I insist on payment prior to dispatch.
This is most easily done using net-banking.
We dispatch items no later than the day following clearance of payment.

We are very happy to send items abroad.
We take extreme care in packaging – we want to trade with you again!
One customer writes: ‘Thanks for your perfect packaging.
It is just such a joy to know, that things always arrive in perfect order.’
Another writes: "Today we received the glasses in good order.
The packaging was superb! The quality is also very good.
Thank you for taking good care of this order. Best regards .. from the Netherlands"
Postage is calculated as the direct postal cost –
as far as this can be predicted in advance.
Packaging costs are made clear before any agreement is reached.

There is always the right to full refund on any item sent.
If the item returns in the same condition as it left us,
the full purchase sum is refunded – but minus postal costs.

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